Guillermo Muñoz-Vera

1956, Chile

Guillermo Muñoz Vera was born in Concepcion, Chile in 1956.
In 1973, Muñoz Vera enrolled in the Fine Arts faculty of the Universidad de Chile, Santiago, where he was later named assistant Professor of drawing of the Fine Arts faculty. In 1978, he obtained his Fine Arts degree with honors in painting.
Guillermo Muñoz Vera is a renowned Latin American artist and his work has been extensively exhibited at Gary Nader gallery in several solo and group exhibition.
In the year 1995 Gary Nader presented Muñoz Vera solo show titled Bodegones 1995-1996 at Gary Nader fine art gallery in Coral Gables, FL. In 2002 the gallery exhibited his second solo show Guillermo Muñoz Vera One Man Show; two years later the gallery unveiled his third show Guillermo Muñoz Vera 2002-2004 at Gary Nader fine art gallery in Coral Gables, FL.
Muñoz Vera latest one-man show was presented in 2007, Muñoz Vera. 2006 - 2007. 8 days in Havana. Paintings & digital studies at Gary Nader art Centre, Wynwood Arts District, Miami, FL.
Guillermo Muñoz Vera  lives and works in Madrid, Spain

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