Tomas Sanchez

Cuban b.1948

Tomás Sánchez (born May 22, 1948 in Aguada de Pasajeros, Cienfuegos, Cuba) is a Cuban painter and engraver, known for his landscapes.
Sánchez is one of the most well-known and valuable Cuban artists alive.
Among the most important recognitions of his career are the National Prize for Painting at Havana’s First Biennial (1984), the Fifth American Graphic Arts Biennial in Cali, Columbia (1986) and an honorable mention at the First International Painting Biennialin Cuenca, Ecuador (1987).
He has participated in individual and collective expositions in over 30 countries, including Mexico, the United States, Japan, Italy and France. Among his most significant individual exhibitions are: Tomás Sánchez: A Retrospective at the National Museum of Fine Art (Havana, Cuba, 1985); Tomás Sánchez: Different Worlds at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art (Florida, USA, 1996); and a 60th anniversary celebration, Tomás Sánchez: A Retrospective, at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Monterrey, Mexico, 2008).
Although best recognized for his landscapes (including his majestic landfills), his career is that of a prolific artist who has made incursions into painting, engraving, sculpture and photography. Critics, curators and the artist himself have often associated his work with the experience of meditation.

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