Nathan David Leight

American b.1960

My work examines the complexities of our daily life illuminated by the often underappreciated and overlooked successes of our daily being.  To illustrate these ideas, I search for images rich in detail and nuance yet somewhat ambiguous in meaning.  I juxtapose the natural with the manmade and the astringent with the honeyed.

My first academic flirtations with photography started in middle school and continued through my college years at Harvard.  Over the years when not working as an investment professional, I have shot, processed, kept and catalogued over 250,000 images.  This catalogue is the source for my thematic compilations.  After two decades in New York City, I once again live in my boyhood home of South Florida with my muse, who is also my wife, and our four children.

Over the past two decades, I shot a large collection of photographs in different places of different subjects, from these I curated a portfolio of thematically linked images.  My goal is to create through the assemblage of these images a story composed of visual and contextual rhymes.
Each image is individual and must stand by itself.  As we have become a people of the screen, I am mindful of the gargantuan amount of digital visual exhaust we experience every day.  Consequently, each image is intended to appear simplistic; I try to whisper so you can hear me.  Ideally, I provoke you.  Each image, hopefully, teases you due to its inherently voyeuristic glimpse into the world of the subject.  The final product, the assemblage of these images, hopefully causes you to pause.
None of the images are staged nor appropriated from others.  They are in the moment.  What I see, everybody else sees.  Each image could have been taken by anyone who happened to be on site. The shot, in essence, is quotidian.

In my work, the camera is always handheld.  The images are taken in the moment using mostly the same equipment.  I primarily shoot with a handheld CanonDSLR camera with a 24-300mm lens.  The long length of the lens and the total weight of the kit creates certain hurdles.  The photography shares links across such genres as street photography, portraiture, photo journalism and kitschy snapshots.  While the story of each image and the story in each image is foundational, I still strive to capture beauty, humor, color and geometry. 


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