Soraya Abu Naba'a at UNESCO

April 01, 2016

Gary Nader Art Centre is pleased to announce Soraya Abu Naba’a’s Solo Show “FORMA, selected works 2010-2016” featuring a selection of her paintings, drawings and an installation  at UNESCO in Paris.

“Soraya Abu Naba’a’s
in her earlier stages, as in the present, we find references that justify the term "inner landscapes," which is very different from carrying out a pure and simple introspection.  Soraya Abu Naba'a has proposed variations regarding cellular tissues, adopted microorganisms – broadening, multiplying, and endowing them with life as supervised through her eyes.  It is a curious symbiosis of her emotions and personal believes.

Her synaptic writings conjugated inspiration, momentum and also reflection, which are three ubiquitous components of Soraya's work, both from yesterday and today.  However, without its disappearance in the spatial context - the artist never breaks with her previous period - that morphology, more graphic than pictorial, gives way to real-imaginary portraits, a thoughtful process, both aesthetic and critical, a very personal figuration and "interior" iconography based on external models, observed and interpreted..” Marianne de Tolentino

Soraya Abu Naba’a’s “ FORMA, selected works 2010-2016  will be on display at

Maison de l’ UNESCO
Salles Miró at 7 Place de Fontenoy, Paris, 75007.
Open from 9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday.


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