May 11, 2017

Gary Nader is pleased to announce NADER Contemporary featuring the work of important international contemporary artists. The exhibit will open on Thursday, May 11th from 6 pm to 9 pm to commemorate the new Contemporary Department at Gary Nader Art Centre, 62 NE 27th Street, Wynwood Arts District, Miami. 
The exhibition features important artworks of international art from 1945 to the present; a comprehensive compendium of selected works from the gallery’s vast inventory encompassing paintings, sculpture, and photographs. In recent years, the gallery has acquired several pieces to expand its collection, including the work of younger generations of artists, to provide a more comprehensive, global view of art produced in the second half of the 20th century and later.

The exhibit will feature works by:

Abu Naba‘a, Soraya (USA, b.1985)

Amaro, Marcos (Brazil, b.1984)

Chia, Sandro (Italy, b.1946)

Cruz Diez, Carlos (Venezuela, b.1923)

De Staebler, Stephen (USA 1933-2011) 

Goldin, Nan (USA, b.1953)

Goldfarb, Walter (Brazil, b.1964)

Gursky, Andreas (Germany, b.1962)

Hendren, David (USA, b.1978)

Hirst, Damien (UK, b.1965)

Hoberman, Nicky (South Africa, b.1967)

Hudson, Richard (UK, b.1954)

Indiana, Robert (USA, b.1928)

Kippenberger, Martin (Germany, 1953-1997)

Lichtenstein, Roy (USA, 1923-1997)

Nara, Yoshitomo (Japan, b.1957) & Sugito, Hiroshi (Japan, b.1970)

OSGEMEOS (Brazil, b.1974)

Reyle, Anselm (Germany, b.1970)

Ruby, Sterling (USA, b.1945)

Ruff, Thomas (Germany, b.1958)

Schlick, Jörg (Austria, 1951-2005)

Soto, Jesus Rafael (Venezuela, 1923-2005)

Steinmeyer, Christoph (Germany, b.1967)

Stella, Frank (USA, b.1936)

Vari, Sophia (Greek, b.1940)
Vasarely, Victor (Hungary-France, 1906-1997)

Venet, Bernar (France, b.1941)

Weiss, David (Swiss, 1946-2012) & Fischli, Peter (Swiss, 1952)

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